Discipleship Tools for the Church


Financial Wisdom Network
  • Helping the Church become the center of financial wisdom
  • Providing tools and resources to help create a financial discipleship ministry
  • Equipping and providing staff and lay leaders insight around a biblically wise financial worldview
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Financial Wisdom Starter Pack
  • Starting place for financial discipleship and stewardship
  • Products that will help create a foundation of biblically-wise financial decision making and stewardship
  • Resources for many different life circumstances and events
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Small Group Resources
  • 6-week small group Bible study curriculum - "God Owns It All"
  • Introductory financial seminar materials
  • 8-week Bible study materials for discipleship relationships
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Sermon Series
  • 4-week sermon series based on the best-selling book "Master Your Money"
  • Helping pastors simplify the money conversation
  • Includes outlines, video snippets from Ron Blue, and promo materials
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God Owns It All Reviews

Here's what some of our customers have said:

Overall an excellent study that really helps to dive deeper into the biblical principles of financial stewardship. Very challenging personally and a great small group study. I found the accompanying video to be very well done and the small group discussion is what made the video principles take on a strong scripture foundation. I great remix of Randy Alcorn's Treasure Principle but with video and superb small group interaction helps and study. This should be in my church.

Amazon Customer Review

This turned out to be a good study for young married couples. It is well organized and is really good about providing supporting scriptures for the financial management principles discussed.

Amazon Customer Review