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Helping the church become the center of biblical financial wisdom

THE RON BLUE INSTITUTE (RBI) exists to promote and integrate biblical financial wisdom to transform the way people think, act, and communicate about money and possessions. This transformation leads to financial decisions that in turn transform lives, communities, and eventually our culture. RBI pursues this goal by resourcing, equipping, and partnering with churches, high schools, colleges, and financial professionals to help people on a financial discipleship journey toward financial health, stewardship, and generosity. With the ultimate goal to significantly increase the resources in the Christian community to build God’s kingdom, advance human flourishing, and work to create a world “on earth as it is in heaven.”


…God’s chosen organization for making disciples and redeeming the world. We want to support them in their disciple-making mission and stewardship of God’s people and resources.

The FINANCIAL WISDOM NETWORK has been created to advance the mission of Ron Blue Institute and help churches become the center of biblical financial wisdom and discipleship through a comprehensive financial wisdom ministry.

The creation of a financial wisdom ministry can begin with a series of simple steps and a variety of possible starter resources. In dialogue with pastors and lay champions we will work together to identify your best step onto the path of a comprehensive ministry strategy.

  • Integrating biblical financial wisdom into the discipleship ministries of a church
  • Exploring and understanding what the Bible says about money and possessions
  • Helping Christians move into financial health, stability, stewardship, and generosity
  • Applying biblical financial wisdom across a person’s lifespan and through common life events

Financial Wisdom Starter Pack

The Financial Wisdom Starter Pack can help you launch a journey to integrate biblical financial wisdom into your church, business, or community. The starter pack equips you with valuable resources, whether you are establishing a financial discipleship ministry in your congregation, creating a learning journey for members of your business, or developing a training program to impact your community.

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Financial Wisdom Network…First Step!

Thank you for your interest in the Financial Wisdom Network. Please help us get to know you better by providing more information about yourself and your church. We look forward to working together to help your church become a center of biblical financial wisdom and discipleship.

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