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Financial Hope

Just released!! This eight-week study will guide you through an examination of how you view and relate to your money and what that says about what you believe about God.

  • Based on the Four Hs of Financial Wisdom - Heart, Health, Habits, Hope
  • Great as a discipleship tool
  • Personalized printing available

By Michael Blue

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Never Enough?

Money and life are inextricably linked. They exist together and must be considered together. This book uses the power of story and simplicity to help you view money in light of God's greater story.

Master Your Money

Ron Blue's best-selling book has been updated and revised for its 30th anniversary. Join Ron and his son Michael as they guide you through experiencing financial contentment.

God Owns It All

Join us for a six-week small group study on finding contentment and confidence in your finances. Anchored in Ron Blue's teaching video, this series contains biblical depth and practical application. LEARN MORE

Simplifying the Money Conversation

This short booklet is designed to equip you with an understanding of the four basic arenas where the Bible speaks most about money and money management: HEART, HEALTH, HABITS, HOPE. LEARN MORE

Financial Hope

Following the Four Hs of Financial Wisdom model, Michael explores what the Bible says about how we relate to God through our finances. Join us for this eight-session Bible study! LEARN MORE

Surviving Financial Meltdown

This book addresses many of the fears that people feel when it comes to finances. It provides assistance in determining short and long term financial goals. And it also addresses specifically what to do and what not to do in challenging economic times.

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