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Equipping Christian educators to inspire high school students in whole life stewardship

  • Finances
  • Calling
  • Leadership
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Introduction to the High School Programs Dr. Phil Gelatt, Program Director
Students want to integrate their faith in every area of their lives, but many don't know how

Resources to engage God's wisdom for life in the areas of finance, calling, and leadership

Biblical Personal Finance
  • 6-week curriculum
  • Apply biblical wisdom to financial decision making
  • Equip students with simple and profound perspectives, processes, and principles
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Life Calling
  • Semester long curriculum
  • Equip students to make informed life decisions
  • Explore foundational values, unique design, and personal mission
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  • 6-week curriculum
  • Engage students with the opportunity to lead biblical change wherever they are
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Home School
  • 6-10 hour online course on biblical personal finance
  • Semester long online Life Calling course
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Developing Young People to Influence Their World

Christian schools have the opportunity to be at the forefront of developing young people who are prepared to influence their world significantly. However, many of today’s young people find themselves:

(1) burdened by large amounts of debt (college, credit card, etc.),
(2) confused about their purpose and path in life, and
(3) unable to confidently steward their unique gifts in leading others.

We want to help remove these barriers! Now you can easily equip your students!

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High School Resources

Introduction video for the self-paced personal finance curriculum

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Introduction video for the Life Calling curriculum

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