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Partnering with Christian colleges and universities to equip their students to live out their faith in their finances

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College students are overwhelmed with financial questions and most are graduating without being equipped to answer their questions

Resources to equip students to make God honoring decisions in their financial lives

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Equipping Christians to live out their faith in their finances

Christian colleges and universities have the unparalleled opportunity to equip students to be salt and light in the world. Unfortunately, very few students are being equipped to handle and view money from a biblical perspective. As a result, the student debt crisis is just as dire at Christian colleges as it is at secular ones. We are here to help. A biblical understanding of money and possessions helps students ask and answer the right questions with respect to their finances before they are already in trouble. RBI exists to partner with Christian colleges and universities to prepare their students to steward every part of their lives, including their financial lives. We believe that a right understanding of personal finances will prepare students to better live into the callings that are upon their lives. With freedom and trust in their personal finances, students are better able to live lives that demonstrate the trustworthiness of God.

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