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  • Global Leadership Curriculum
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Most high school students graduate without an understanding of how they are uniquely equipped to influence their world for Christ

The Global Leadership curriculum is the newest offering in our high school programs

Global Leadership introduces students to the transformative power of Christ-centered leadership. It equips students to live out their unique responsibility in the world while striving to impact the individuals in their sphere of influence.

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Curriculum Overview:


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Christian schools have the opportunity to be at the forefront of developing young people who are prepared to influence their world significantly. The Global Leadership course provides students with the knowledge, motivation, and practical application of their God-given uniqueness and purpose that will result in life-changing leadership. Designed from a model that begins with self-leadership and includes informal and formal leadership, this curriculum will engage the student with relevant theory, transformational principles from God’s Word, and real-life application. Incorporating the principles of stewardship, students will begin to understand and live out their responsibility to be “in the world” while striving to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Modules Overview

Module 1: A New View
  • Module One provides an introduction to leadership. It provides students with a context to understand what leadership is and what it does.

  • Learning Outcomes:
      (1) Define leadership
      (2) Understand a biblical foundation of leadership
      (3) See leadership as an outflow of personal values and uniqueness
Module 2: 2 Lead is 2 Serve
  • Module Two establishes the importance of understanding and practicing leadership as serving God and serving others.
  • Learning Outcomes:
      (1) Understand the characteristics of servant leadership
      (2) Distinguish the characteristics of the biblical model of servanthood
      (3) Understand how servant leadership is seen in the different roles and relationships of an organization
Module 3: The REAL You
  • Module Three focuses on individual need for integrity and godly character as the foundation for leadership and service to others.
  • Learning Outcomes:
      (1) Understand the connection between personal qualities and character with the ability to lead others well
      (2) Identify personal character qualities that are needed to create a leadership development plan
Module 4: WHAT You Do
  • Module Four promotes a style of leadership that is able to motivate others to pursue organizational goals that benefit the followers and leaders and that are in line with the personal values of the individuals.
  • Learning Outcomes:
      (1) Understand the core components of transformational leadership
      (2) Practice transformational leadership to influence others
Module 5: About Face Change
  • Module Five teaches students to understand and begin to practice the idea that leadership exists to address an area(s) of need and to move from dis-satisfaction to satisfaction
  • Learning Outcomes:
      (1) Understand a theology of change including the concepts of maturity, growth, and development
      (2) Commit to change as an essential part of growth
      (3) Develop competencies in creating a community improvement plan
Module 6: Your Turn
  • Module Six applies the principles of leadership by creating and communicating a plan to address an area of need with appropriate plans for change.
  • Learning Outcomes:
      (1) Understand the significance of working together to develop a solution for a real world problem
      (2) Communicate through appropriate means the message for change and leadership
      (3) Develop competencies in strategic thinking and planning
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