An inspiring semester-long curriculum helping students identify their purpose, become equipped to make life decisions, and lead change in the world.

  • Life Calling Curriculum
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Intro to Life Calling Curriculum By Dr. Bill Millard

Most high school students graduate without having ever thought very deeply about their unique design and how that should translate into their God-given calling for their career and life.

Life Calling Curriculum Cost and Objectives:


$75 per student: provides access to all student and teacher resources

Knowledge Outcomes

At the end of the course, students should be able to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of:

  1. The theology of work
  2. Life calling, work, and leadership and the relationship between them
  3. Vocation as service
  4. The identity of many occupations or roles in work, life, and leadership
  5. A five-strength model for evaluating an individual’s God-given unique design
  6. Their best learning environment
  7. How to integrate an in-depth self-assessment into a vocational life and leadership plan
  8. The integration between life calling, work, and leadership development

Character Outcomes

At the end of the course, students should develop a belief in, value of, and commitment to:

  1. Their self-worth based on their uniqueness
  2. The individuality and diversity of others
  3. A purpose-guided life based on the concept that all are called and all are leaders
  4. Life development based on personal strengths
  5. Life choices based on their God-given design
  6. Vocation as service
  7. The life-long process of personal life discovery and leadership development

Skill Outcomes

At the end of the course, students should develop competencies in:

  1. Self-assessment and self-awareness
  2. Life planning
  3. Informational interviewing
  4. Articulating their unique strengths and design to others
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What teachers and students have to say:

Our students who have taken Introduction to Life Calling are more confident in their identity, more aware of their purpose, and better equipped to make decisions about their future. For GAC, this is not an “add on” program. Life calling is so much bigger than a stand-alone course.

Scott Harsh,
Teacher at Greater Atlanta Christian School

Watching students learn to value their self-worth based on their individual uniqueness as well as the individuality and diversity of others was very rewarding.

Buddy Winn,
Principal Maranatha Christian School

I would strongly encourage Christian schools to implement Life Calling into their curriculum because I know first-hand through student, parent, and teacher feedback that this course is highly effective in having an extremely important conversation with students and God’s call on their lives.

Carl Martinez,
Student Whittier Christian High School