Creating Financial Freedom with Biblical Wisdom

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What is NEXUS? Free Biblical Financial Coaching at Indiana Wesleyan University
Providing one-on-one coaching to college students at Indiana Wesleyan University

Are you an IWU student who doesn't know where to start with your finances or what questions to even ask? Do you need some financial accountability? Or do you simply want to dream out loud about your financial goals in order to set an action plan to achieve them? Sign up for a FREE financial coaching session with one of your IWU peers today!

NEXUS Client Testimonial

“I have loved the assurance and guidance that I have been getting through the NEXUS Financial Discipleship Center! I was really lost and confused as to how to handle payment for my student loans, as well as how to have peace of mind about finances in college. My financial coach, Emily, has done an exceptional job in guiding me through all of my questions, giving practical steps on how to have financial peace, and praying over me in every aspect of my life. Other than the guidance I was given through my financial decisions, I really appreciated the fact that we always began our time with a devotion. Reading Scripture with Emily was always a pleasurable and calming experience because of the thought that she always put time into selecting verses that applied not only to the management of finances, but to our lives in general. I feel so much more confident about handling my undergraduate loans and managing my money than I did even a couple months ago. If anyone is wondering where to start with saving money, paying back loans, or investing, I would highly recommend the NEXUS Financial Discipleship Center. They are professional, wise, trustworthy, and willing to help any college student wanting to become more at peace with the financial decisions that lie ahead.” – Anonymous Student, Spring 2020

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Coaching and Presentation Topics

  • Financial Goal Development

  • Money and Relationships

  • Budgeting

  • Credit

  • Identity Theft

  • Managing Debt

  • Student Loan Planning and Repayments

  • Saving

  • Investing

  • Tax Education

  • Vocation

  • Living Decisions

  • Transportation Decisions

  • Behavioral Finance

  • Giving

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Meet Our NEXUS Team

Beth White

NEXUS Director

Beth graduated in 2014 from Indiana Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management…

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Jacob Fansler

Senior Peer Coach

Jacob Fansler is a senior at Indiana Wesleyan University and is currently studying to earn…

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Emily Hudson

Peer Coach Specialist

Emily Hudson is a junior at Indiana Wesleyan University. She is working toward a finance…

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Cole George

Peer Coach

Cole George is a senior at Indiana Wesleyan University majoring in Business Administration and Management…

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Erin Champlin

Peer Coach

Erin Champlin is a junior at Indiana Wesleyan University and is studying finance and marketing.…

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Katie Keiser

Peer Coach

Katie Keiser is a junior from Columbus, Ohio studying Marketing and Graphic Design at Indiana…

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