Essentials of Biblical Personal Finance

One-credit hour college-level course

  • Online
  • Comprehensive
  • Transformative

Most college students graduate without being equipped with an understanding of how they can live out their faith through their finances

Curriculum Overview:

Rooted in a biblical worldview, the Essentials of Biblical Personal Finance Curriculum is a theologically rich personal finance course teaching:

  • What the Bible says about money and possessions
  • The implications of believing God owns it all
  • How what we believe ultimately drives all of our financial behavior
  • A simple understanding of the four uses of money (live, give, owe (debt and taxes), grow)
  • Five transcendent financial decision-making principles found in the Bible
  • How to create and maintain a budget
  • How to manage and make decisions about student debt
  • Processes for personal application, including goal setting

The Essentials of Biblical Personal Finance Curriculum is a one-credit hour course, designed to require 35-40 hours or seat time to complete. It is aimed at college students. The course can be loaded on to a university’s LMS and taught by an instructional mentor, or a teacher can use the materials and teach the class themselves. All videos, reading, and materials will be provided to the university under a license.

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