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It's time to wake up

Most of us say we want to walk closer with God, but when you examine our lives that desire isn’t very evident. Why don’t we consistently live how we say we want to live? In this book, Michael Blue offers a gentle wake-up call for Christians living in the affluent West. He calls us to examine the call of Jesus and the barriers to walking closely with Him. He exhorts us to take seriously the call of Jesus and to order our lives in such a way that draws us nearer to our Savior and presents a compelling witness to our watching neighbors. Will you join us in examining the actual call of Jesus and see clearly the choice He presents?

Will you say yes to Jesus's call to total surrender?

“The better I know Michael Blue, the more I appreciate how much thought he’s given to what it means to follow Jesus. Michael is insightful, honest, and sensitive to Christ and His kingdom priorities. In Free to Follow, he gives a Christ-centered wake-up call that can help you lose your life, and in the process, find it.” 

Randy Alcorn

Author — Money, Possessions and Eternity, Managing God’s Money and The Treasure Principle

“Free to Follow is an outstanding book!  Michael Blue makes a compelling case for followers of Christ to surrender to Him and whole heartedly serve the Savior. It is extraordinarily well written. This book will challenge you, convict you, and convince you that the path where you will discover ultimate joy and freedom is on the narrow road following Christ. I heartily recommend it!”

Howard Dayton

Founder — Compass - Finances God’s Way

“The way of Jesus is hard to locate in modern times. It’s even harder to navigate, so few attempt it. With remarkable clarity and biblical wisdom, Michael Blue points the way to life and unimaginable freedom and peace.”

Gary G. Hoag

President & CEO — Global Trust Partners

Jesus calls us to lay down our lives, pick up our crosses, and follow Him. He tells us that His way is narrow and few find it. While His call feels weighty and difficult, it is only when we obey it that we become free to follow Jesus.

This book is a call to take Jesus’s words to lay down our lives seriously. To surrender everything to Him and start following in his way. It takes a serious look at what the Bible says about following Jesus when it comes to money and possessions and challenges us to radically rethink the way we view and use money.

Ultimately, this book is a call to hunger after God and rid ourselves of any baggage that prevents that pursuit. It is a call to live fully surrendered lives following the example of Jesus and his earliest followers. It is a call to freedom and joy.

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Meet the Author

Michael Blue

Michael Blue is an author and speaker who also serves as the President and General Counsel for the Ron Blue Institute. Michael writes and speaks about following Jesus with our whole lives, with a particular focus on what that means for the way we view and manage our finances. Michael has written and collaborated on a number of books including, Financial Hope, Master Your Money, and God Owns It All. The latter two being projects with his father, Ron Blue. Michael regularly preaches at his home church in Austin, Texas and enjoys teaching God's Word whenever he has the opportunity.

Michael holds a Master’s degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a law degree from Baylor School of Law, a BBA in finance from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, and is a Certified Financial Planner®. He is married with three boys.

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Are you ready to lay down anything in your life preventing you from following Jesus? Will you shake yourself awake from the slumber of affluence into the riches of a fully surrendered life. Answer the call to hunger after God and rid yourself of any baggage that prevents that pursuit. Discover the riches of a surrendered life!

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