Personal Finances and Faith Curriculum

Equip your students to live their faith out through their finances

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Let's flip the script on money

The Bible tells us that we can't serve God and money--we have to choose. Instead of being fearful of the dangers of money, what if we equipped students to boldly use their money in a way that honors God, fuels their faith, and draws others to see the goodness of God?

Train your students to use their money in a way that amplifies and proclaims their faith

Gain a Christ-Centered Wisdom

Discover how the kingship of Christ affects your understanding of your money and resources

Gain a Biblical Direction

Learn how to steward your money toward what matters most in this life

Gain an Eternal Perspecrive

Learn how to view money decisions through an eternal framework

Of all the confessions people make, greed is never one of them...

Dive Deep into Rich, Biblical Teaching


All behavior follows our beliefs. If we don't get the heart aligned properly, then our behavior will evidence that. We will explore four biblical heart perspectives with respect to our finances:(1) Stewardship, (2) Contentment, (3) Faith, and (4) Wisdom.


Developing good money habits is a way we can honor God and the pathway to using money as a tool for those purposes. We will explore five wise money habits that are essential to living with this perspective.


If you don't know how your money is being spent, then you can't make adjustments to align it with what God values most. We will explore the five major categories of spending (Live, Give, Owe Debt, Owe Taxes, Grow) and ask how we can best honor God in those areas.


Without margin, we are ill equipped to prepare for the long-term or to meet the needs of others today. We will explore how to seek God's direction for our finances and how to create margin in our financial lives.

Personal finances and faith curriculum

Course Benefits Include...


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Online or Instructor-Led Resources

The resources that come with the curriculum are fully adaptable to your style of teaching and situation. You can offer this as a fully remote class, with all work and resources online for the student to go at their own pace. Or you could take the materials and teach them yourself. Either way, it's completely flexible.

Up to 2 Hours of College Credit

Depending on your institution, this course offers students either one or two hours of college credit. This applies to high school students as well! Take this course and earn credits toward the college you enroll in!

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I had never before realized how much fear, anxiety, and even anger came from my views of money and my current financial situation. The fear of not having enough grew to the point where I had lost my perspective and stopped relying on God’s provision. It was no wonder I didn’t feel like I had enough! Now, I feel a personal conviction to change my heart’s view of money.

Student Testimonial

This class has provided valuable guidance in how to correctly align our finances from a biblical perspective. Already we have begun to increase our giving and reduce our non-mortgage debt.

Student Testimonial

Practicing the godly principles that were presented in the ‘Never Enough' book and the video lectures from the Ron Blue Institute can help you have a godly, and healthy perspective of money.

Student Testimonial

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