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Financial stress among students negatively impacts academic performance and retention.*

Ron Blue Institute exists to educate and steward individuals through:

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Colleges & Universities
  • Partnering with colleges and universities to transform students into stewards
  • Coaching, consulting, curriculum, intellectual property access, and much more
  • Graduate programs, professional education, and seminary courses also available
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High Schools
  • Helping you graduate students who integrate their faith into all that they do
  • Personal Finance, Life Calling, and Leadership Courses
  • Homeschool, self-paced, and dual credit courses also available
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We want to join you in your mission of helping Christian students live out their faith in every area of their lives.

Invest in your student from the heart up, align their faith and finances.

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Stewarding True Financial Freedom

Research shows that 84 percent of college students graduate without the tools they need to manage money well* – that’s a rough way to begin adulthood. But at Ron Blue Institute, we believe there’s a better way. We know today’s Christian student wants to confidently integrate their faith into every area of their lives, including finances. But first they need to understand how money truly works – and they need your help to do it.

You have the power to help students apply the principles of their faith to thrive financially. It’s not enough to simply teach them about money when you can train them how to apply true financial wisdom for a lifetime.

Whether you serve traditional high school or college students, or whether you serve life-long learners at a church or as a professional financial advisor, you can educate those in your care to discover the meaning of true financial freedom that will empower them to become wise stewards in God’s redemptive story.

Stand out to attract students who are passionate about living their faith. Ron Blue Institute resources will set you apart. Invest in your student from the heart up, by helping them align their faith and finances.

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Selected Resources for Professionals

Learn how to use one-page Four Hs of Financial Wisdom tool

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Equip your clients with a biblical understanding of their personal finances with this eight week Bible study.

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