Money as a Test

I have had the opportunity of watching my 5 children and many of my 13 grandchildren face the stress and pressure of final exams. Exams are no fun, no matter when they fall!

It has been interesting to watch the different grandchildren respond to the stress of exams.  My oldest grandson mostly worried about which girl he would study with on the phone rather than which equations he had to commit to memory in Chemistry.  My oldest granddaughter simply assumed her grades would be good because she lives life with great confidence.  She would study, but she wouldn’t be too worried about it.  Another grandson always seemed to be on the verge of failing a class or two, and felt the brunt of the pressure of exams that “mattered.” The only common factor among them is that they all handled the pressure of exams differently.

We have tests in our grown-up lives, as well. I believe that issues surrounding money are some of the most common tests that God uses to shape us into His image. The “curriculum” of spiritual growth requires that we put into practice the things we are learning in our walk with Him. Money is a perfect vehicle for us to practice what God is teaching us, or for Him to take the training wheels off our bikes and see how well we balance.

In the testing process, it is important to remember the purposes of God, our professor, and the love of God, our Father.  First of all, the heart of the Father God toward His children is the perfected image of our own hearts toward our children. He seeks our greater good and His richer glory. Simply put, He loves us.

Secondly, times of testing are not “one size fits all.” God our professor makes these tests uniquely for us. Exam season in our hearts may mean that He wants to focus our attention (away from the “girls” that distract), it may mean that He wants to remind us of the uncertainty of our earthly home so that we take pleasure in our heavenly one (rather than believing that this life is the best life), it may mean that He wants to call us to wisdom and excellence (away from the failures we face), or it may mean that He seeks to extend grace (when we strive too hard for perfection).

However God is using money in your life right now, praise Him for being a perfect professor and a perfect Father…all in one.  His tests are not wasted, and our trials are eternally significant.

May God’s peace encourage you as you pursue financial wisdom and depend on His Truth.