Where to Find Encouragement in the Face of Fear

2016 is almost over.  Part of me is nostalgic for the memories and growth that I gained in 2016. Another part of me is ready for a fresh start following a very tumultuous year.  Although I usually love to debate economics and politics, the intensity of the challenges that America faced in both of those arenas last year left me worn out and unsettled at times.  

 As campaign promises morph into inauguration realities, and as economic stimulus packages morph into partisan frustrations, it can be disheartening to watch the big issues of Washington and Wall Street dissolve into a thousand daily pieces that may or may not ever be resolved.  

Wouldn’t it be great if campaign promises could be transformed into day-to-day change? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our elected officials really could break down the “big issues” into daily, manageable issues that they could address and manage?  

Our personal fears are also “big issues.”  The enormity of what may happen in the future can sideline us.  And, we sometimes feel terrified of how we see our past choices playing out in our current situations. Fear can cloud our perspective, alter our decision-making abilities, and interrupt our relationships. Financially, when we fear, we can be tempted to extremes.  Some of us may hoard our wealth or some may borrow our way into a feeling of security.  

The beauty of being a follower of Christ is that we have the privilege of breaking down those “big issues” of fear into a daily walk with the Lord that will restore us and free us. The Bible uses the mandate “do not fear” 365 times – one time for every day of the year.  

Since fears feel bigger than today, since we are designed to live daily in this world, and since time in God’s Word slowly heals fearful places in our hearts, I encourage you to spend time reading your Bible and rooting your heart in truth. In 2017, every day, take your “big issues” of fear, bring them before your Father, and choose to believe God’s promises to be enough for your day.

May God’s peace encourage you as you pursue financial wisdom and depend on His truth.

Here a brief video that will also encourage you in this area: