Why am I Never Satisfied?

My eyes are never satisfied.

King Solomon had everything he wanted, and still he wanted more. More wives. More concubines. More horses. More gold. More, more, more . . .

He knew nothing would ever satisfy his eyes (Proverbs 27:20). He also knew that just as a mirror reflects his face the desires of his heart reflect his true self (Proverbs 27:19). These two natural tendencies were the battlefield of Solomon’s life. His eyes’ desire for more on one side and the character of his heart on the other. Both could not win.

If you know the story, you know that Solomon’s eyes won. Solomon lost the battle for his heart because he longed for things more than God.  

Our hearts’ character is the only defense against our unsatisfied eyes. The desire for more is not new. It plagued Solomon, it plagued the early church, and it plagues us. So how do we align the character of our hearts toward God and away from our ever-wandering eyes?

Jesus tells us that what we spend our treasure (money and possessions) on is what will win our hearts (Matthew 6:19-21). That means to turn our hearts away from the desires of our unsatisfied eyes we must put our treasure into other things. We must put it in things that make us treasure God more. When we do this our hearts are changed, the things we treasure are changed, and our eyes are satisfied.

My eyes are never wanting.

That is who I want to be. When I struggle with wanting more, the best thing I can do is move my treasure toward the things that God treasures: widows, orphans, immigrants, the church, prisoners, etc. As I do this, my heart moves toward God. As my heart moves, I change. As I change, my eyes are satisfied.  This is a battle I’m ready to fight. Will you join me?