Goal Development: A Key Ingredient to Success

In the book 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, Steven Covey describes how goals help individuals to be proactive and to begin with the end in mind. Obtaining a vision for the future and actively seeking opportunities to see the vision come to fruition are essential elements to goal achievement.

According to dictionary.com, a goal “is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.”  A faith goal is defined by Ron Blue, in Master Your Money, as “a statement of God’s will for me set with a mindset of asking what God’s will is for me.”

From a biblical perspective, goals should align with the Word and Will of God.  Often we allow ourselves to define what this looks like instead of listening for guidance on where we should set our eyes.  The world today pushes us to seek things like greed, consumerism, and an “all about me attitude.”  Ephesians 5:15-17 says, “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.”

When thinking about goals and goal achievement, it is important to not only focus on the day it is done, but each step along the way.  Breaking a goal down into smaller chunks allows for small victories that motivate and keeping interest, especially when striving towards bigger goals.  Former NFL Running Back, Reggie Rivers, encourages individuals to “control the controllables” and to “focus on your behaviors” in his TedTalk on Goal Achievement.  When focusing on the individual moments that accelerate one towards goals, definition and motivation become self-evident.

Lastly, it is important to ensure that goals are defined.  Doing so will allow for self-evaluation and understanding of where one is at in accomplishing their goal.  Ron Blue states that goals provide direction and purpose, help us to crystallize our thinking, and provide motivation.

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.  Don’t limit yourself to what you currently have available.  Be the captain of your own ship, and don’t forget that God sets the sails.