Lessons Learned as a NEXUS Coach

I am graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University in a few short weeks, meaning I will also be giving up my position as a Nexus Peer Coach for the Ron Blue Institute (RBI). I have been developing in this role for about 12 months and as a result, I have learned many new life skills. Working for RBI has grown my financial and biblical wisdom, as well as developed my confidence and speaking ability to a targeted audience. I consider it a privilege to share with you today just a few of the things that I have learned while in my role.

One thing I came to a greater understanding of is how people are motivated. During my time with NEXUS, there were many questions explored, and here are just a few:

  • Should I rent or buy?

  • Should I pay more on my student loans or add to my savings?

  • Should I get a debit card or a credit card?

These are all good questions and even expert financial planners have differing opinions on each of the answers, but ultimately it is up to each individual person to analyze their goals and decide what is best for them. Each Nexus client I came across was motivated in different ways. Grouping all of my clients together and saying that one solution is best for everyone would not have worked. Understanding that everyone is walking a different life is so important.

Additionally, I learned more about what it means to connect financial choices to God’s Word. I grew up in a healthy church and have been enrolled in private Christian education from the time I was five. Until I became a peer coach, I had not fully grasped this concept.

All of the peer coaches, the supervisor, and the director go through an intensive training the week prior to each of the coaches’ semesters. During one piece of this training, we dissected three books relating to money and biblical discipleship. Through this discussion, I started understanding how God works through money and financial discipline.

Master Your Money by Ron Blue highlighted four biblical principles of money management which come directly from Matthew 25.

  1. God Owns It All (Matthew 25:14)

  2. We Are in a Growth Process (Matthew 25:21)

  3. The Amount Is Not Important (Matthew 25:23)

  4. Faith Requires Action (Matthew 25:24-30)

These are principles the Nexus team is trying to implement into the student and faculty of Indiana Wesleyan, and in the process, we are implementing them into our lives as well.

I am by no means an expert in personal finance or biblical financial principles, but the Nexus Financial Discipleship Center has allowed me to be in a much better place (biblically and financially) than I was just a few short months ago. If you are an Indiana Wesleyan Student, Faculty, or Marion resident I would highly recommend stopping in to visit the team and even signing up for an appointment. You will not regret it!