Tips on Taking Care of Yourself When Working from Home

Over the past few weeks, COVID-19 has left many Americans (especially students) stuck at home in order to suppress the spread of the virus. Even though we are all quarantined, life still moves on and works must continue being completed. Having limited social interactions and a lack of accountability between work and home life can significantly impact your productivity and focus. Being able to balance your work while taking care of yourself both physically and mentally is extremely important during times like this. Here are five ways that, according to, you can set yourself up for success while being quarantined in your own home:

1. Create a dedicated work environment

Since you will be spending a vast amount of time in this location, it is wise to make sure this area is a location where you actually feel comfortable working. When you work from home, it can feel like you can never escape work, but creating this space where distractions are minimal will help elevate some of the mental barriers between work and home life.

2. Make communication part of your routine

There tends to be two different spectrums for people when dealing with social interactions while working from home. Many people either end up being completely isolated and miss taking breaks with coworkers and some people get too much communication with their family which lowers productivity. For people who are isolated, try checking in with your boss (professor) or coworkers (classmates) once a day. Not only will you be more up to date on assignments but also studies have shown that the more social connections you have during the day, the more satisfied and productive you tend to be.

3. Take breaks to stay productive and positive

A huge way to avoid burning out is to block out time for yourself. Giving yourself a few 15-minute breaks to go for a walk or anything you choose will tremendously help.

4. Maintain a schedule

Maintaining a routine significantly helps during times of uncertainty like this. Sticking to a similar schedule every day will help you not be caught off guard by anything that is thrown at you and may help you sleep more peacefully.

5. Find an accountability partner

Finding an accountability partner can help you stay focused and increase productivity during a time of great distraction. A few great examples of these partners can be a spouse, roommate, or even a coworker.

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